My Life in 3G

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I’ve been using the iPhone 3G since last Friday. Anita did a proper review, with, you know, testing and such. I will merely add: it’s very sweet. All the new features, even that extra G, pale beside the achievement of the App store. I was expecting a lot of rigmarole, a lot of dragging and dropping and syncing and authenticating, but the process of acquiring and installing an App is actually very quick and very slick. If I’m on the subway, and the train goes over a bridge, I can sometimes get a new App on there before it goes underground again.

There is no particular App that I’m love with. The Facebook App is useful, and does things that a Facebook App should do. The mere fact that I can significally extend the phone’s functionality on the fly is what’s amazing. I don’t feel like I’m fiddling with a gadget anymore, I feel like I’m computing.