Neuromancer, Etc.

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neuromancer-p1.jpg To my left, assuming my HTML soft has deployed correctly, is what is alleged to be the first poster for the upcoming Neuromancer movie, directed by Joseph “Toxic” Kahn and starring — wait for it — Hayden Christensen as Case. How can such things be, you ask.

But hope springs eternal. Maybe Christensen will have his preferences set to ‘acting’ for this one, like he did in Shattered Glass. And anyway Case is pretty robotic in the novel. I’m more interested in who they cast as Molly. How old is Michelle Yeoh again?

It doesn’t much matter, since they’re turning on the Large Hadron Collider tomorrow, and we’ll all be squished into a black hole. Perhaps it will be a mercy.

In other news, I finally caved and joined Netflix this week. First up: Time Bandits, possibly the formative moviegoing experience of my young life after Star Wars. I pray to the Supreme Being that it holds up.