They Rebooted Clue

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I know that Clue is not nerdy in its content, but because it takes the form of a board game, I consider it to be inherently nerdy. Which is why I wanted to mention that I just got a copy of the rebooted version of the game, which comes out this fall, and which carefully eradicates any vestiges of period charm from the original. It’s done in an incredibly tacky ‘tabloid’ theme. But they do seem to have jazzed up gameplay a bit, a la the Risk reboot earlier this year, so maybe it’s worth taking for a spin.

If you’re curious, a few tidbits:

— It’s now set in a fancy “celebrity-style mansion” with a spa, a theater and a patio. No more conservatory. No more billiard room.

— The characters are the same. Sort of. But Professor Plum is now Victor Plum, ‘a self-made video-game design billionaire.’ (Because there are lots of those.) And Colonel Mustard is now Jack Mustard, a former pro football player. Etc. Kind of makes you want to kill them all.

— Weapons: the candlestick, knife and rope are still in. But now you get poison, a baseball bat, an axe, a dumbbell, a pistol, and a trophy.

— They seem to have complicated the gameplay bit. You can ‘start a rumor,’ which involves floating a tentative accusation, and draw Clock Cards and Intrigue Cards. And every character has a special Power.

Trivia: non-American people call Clue ‘Cluedo.’ Hilarious.

In unrelated news, apparently the Robert Jordan books are going to be a movie. Did humanity learn nothing from Eragon?