Dr. Horrible Rules iTunes, the Future

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My work-copy of iTunes is so broken, it actually emitted that sharp, loud angry-Mac beep when I fired it up just now. But nonetheless I was able to confirm that the Dr. Horrible soundtrack is the number two-most downloaded album right now. Such is the amazing power of Whedonicity.

It looked like a one-off, but it’s turning out that Dr. Horrible is just too awesome to die. I am given to understand — MTV gives me to understand — that there may be more Horribleness in the future. Or at least Moistness:

“I’m interested in exploring how Moist became Moist,” Whedon said. “It’ll be ‘Moist: Humidity Rising.’ He is so far from making it into the Evil League of Evil, because he really isn’t that bad at all.” (Instead, Moist is in the Henchman’s Union, because he accumulated enough hours “assisting evil people, and inconveniencing people. It doesn’t take much,” Whedon said.)

Whedon said they’ve talked about Fake Thomas Jefferson being next up. “Maybe we can get Drew [Goddard] to do some,” Whedon said, considering Goddard played FTJ in the webisodes and wrote the “Wolves at the Gate” arc in the Buffy Season Eight comics. “That’s a no-brainer for him. And that would be a coup.”

Plus something’s afoot with the Evil League of Evil. And somehow this Captain Hammer webcomic slipped onto the Net without my noticing. Now if I could get a bit more Johnny Snow I’d be sorted.

It’s kinda fitting that Dark Horse should be handling the comics side of things. What with the Thoroughbred of Sin and all. Speaking of which, do they have a monopoly on Web things that are good? Today Dark Horse put up a special color Achewood comic.