E.L.E. Now Accepting Applications

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One can only imagine the intense nerdiness of the video footage that is even now pouring into Joss Whedon’s inbox, now that he’s accepting applications for the Evil League of Evil. He’ll need welding goggles or a pinhole camera or something. You know, like when you’re observing an eclipse. Anyway.

Or actually it looks like you have to post the video publicly, so we’ll all get a look-see. Here are the application guidelines:

* It should be no more than three minutes in length.
* There should be little to no swearing.
* Dialogue, logos, and music must be original.
* Songs are not required (singing is a bonus).
* You must be evil — it’s a plus to have a name.
* Your video application should be posted to YouTube or Vimeo.
* Email us a link to the video, with your contact information.4
* October 11 is the last day to submit.

“Let the games begin.”