They’re Making a Sequel to Tron. Also to 300. It’s Not Called 301

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According to Ain’t It Cool, there’s further evidence that a Tron sequel is actually happening. Apparently the costume designer for 300 and Watchmen is on board. Maybe Flynn will get trapped inside an iPod and have to escape from its restrictive DRM.

For nostalgia’s sake, here’s the trailer for the original.

Apparently some test footage of Tron 2 (and no, I refuse to say TR2N, and there’s no way you can make me. TR2N is not a word) was even screened at Comic-Con, featuring an actual non-CGI Jeff Bridges. A synopsis is here. I don’t get it either. But it’s being directed by Joseph Kosinski, who’s mostly (and justly) famous for directing the “Mad World” Gears of War ad. Hey, somebody get the Mercenaries 2 guy a movie deal!

In other sequel news, they’re also planning a followup to 300. Apparently it’s set in the year between Thermopylae and that big battle at the end of 300. To my everlasting disappointment it’s probably not going to be called 301. It might not even be a Spartan-vs.-Spartan crossover with the Halo universe.

I’m just killing time till Monday, when they’re screening some advance footage from Watchmen in New York.