Five Things That Are Wrong with Twitter

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Inverted failwhale, by Rob Cockerham

Some notes from a newbie Twitterer:

1. It is fun to twitter @ other people, but it’s only fun for you and the person you’re twittering @. To all third parties, it is boring

2. It adds one more link to the chain of things I do to avoid working (checking work e-mail, checking blog comments, checking home e-mail, checking Facebook, and now … )

3. It is wrong to be obsessed with how many (= how few) Followers you have

4. One day Tinyurl will break, then we’ll all be screwed

5. It keeps you from blogging

Bonus list: one thing that is wrong with the flamethrower in Killzone 2: once you have it, you try to beat every level with it. Because burning Helghast is even funner than shooting them.