Crowdsource My Desk Chair

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A short, purely self-interested post. I do my typing at home at a wobbly table my girlfriend rescued off the street. Whenever I get particularly interested in a point I’m making it waggles back and forth as if to say, no, no, you’re wrong, you’re an idiot, stop typing. The chair I sit in while I’m typing at the wobbly table is a folding wooden picnic chair, accessorized with a fabric pillow that’s tied — like with knots — to the chair back.

This is stupid. I sometimes spend 8 hours a day in this chair. I’ve had back pain in the past. I will have more in the future. It’s time I invested in a pain-free future. I need a serious chair.

What do you use? I’m willing to spend. Say, up to $850. I’m willing to go Aeron, though I sort of can’t believe nobody’s invented a better chair since 1994. I know I’m supposed to get the Steelcase Leap, but there’s something about its cheap fabric back that makes me want to immolate it, if I wouldn’t choke on the toxic fumes. I guess if I had my fantasy chair it would be some kind of wood/brass/leather steampunk affair from like the 1860’s, with lots of knobs and joints and, I don’t know, phlanges or something. But such a chair would probably give me killer back pain, plus gout and syphilis too. Can anybody help?