Legend of Neil, Etc.: A Housekeeping Post

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OK, I totally need to do a new post, because the last one is growing comments in this weird, tumorous way that made me think it might become sentient shortly.

So I will merely call out for you the birth of two new stars that have brightened the firmament of nerd culture. The first is a new episode of The Legend of Neil, which if you haven’t been watching, it’s worth going through from the beginning. I’m still haunted by the spectre of Neil’s girlfriend, in the second season opener. “You can’t even beat that old Nintendo game you’re always playing … ”

Also, a dead star the light of which is only just now reaching my nerdy eyes: DM of the Rings, wherein The Lord of the Rings is reframed as a D&D campaign, i.e. the hobbits just keep bitching about how there’s no loot. “And do we have to be hobbits? My stats are rubbish … “