The Post About the Relaunch

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Dear Nerd World Reader,

This post is to inform you that next Monday, November 16th, Nerd World as you know it will cease to exist. The sparkling nerd-humor, topical nerd wit and incisive nerd commentary that are the only things that make your lives on this bleak orb we know as Earth worth living will no longer appear in the format to which you are accustomed.

Yes. It is a shattering blow.

But even as the end of the Nerd World approaches, a bright spark of hope is kindled in the firmament. The name of this spark is Techland. We spent a lot of time on this name, and we can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is the best name that seemed even vaguely relevant and for which a trademark and a domain name were legally available.

Basically what happened is that you people made Nerd World successful. And like all successful things, Nerd World must now be taken and turned into something larger that might fail. Techland will be bigger than Nerd World. It will be run by more people than Nerd World. It will cover pretty much the same stuff as Nerd World did, but it will cover it a lot more. You will be seeing actual multiple posts per day. There will be more tech news.

Techland will also be blue in color. Much bluer than Nerd World ever was.

That’s about it. The tone and the personality of the site will stay the same. Everybody who wrote for the site will keep writing for it. It’s just going to grow up a bit.

I put up the first Nerd World post almost three years ago — January 2, 2007. It was a different time then. A time when I would actually write a 700-word post, instead of just pasting in a YouTube video plus three words of commentary, italicized for humorous effect.

I’m proud of how far we’ve come since then. I hope you’ll all stick around for more.