Comics on our Pull List 12/16/09

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This week the saga of Cap’s rebirth continues with Captain America Reborn #5. What will Cap do with the Red Skull behind the wheel? Guy Gardner, the sleeveless Green Lantern becomes so cheesed off he turns into a Red Lantern in the Green Lantern Corps #43. Incorruptible #1 shows us what happens when bad guys go good. It’s the flip side of the Irredeemable coin. Our favorite big easy femme fatale continues her rampage in Nola #2 and finally, Hip Flask wraps up the Dangerous Liaisons arc in Elephentmen #23.

Captain America Reborn #5
Steve Rogers is back…or is he? This is the action-packed finale of the best-selling series as the Avengers try to rescue their best and brightest from the Red Skull’s darkest designs. Find out the fates of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes and what their futures hold in store!

Green Lantern Corps #43
Red rain falls! As the Black Lanterns continue their reign of terror and chaos on Oa, things go from bad to worse when a horrible loss for the Green Lantern Corps results in Guy Gardner becoming so enraged that he becomes a Red Lantern! And hell breaks loose as the Central Power Battery faces an attack from the newly arrived Black Lantern Corphans!

Elephantmen #23
“DANGEROUS LIAISONS,” Part Eight—Why has Simm lured Vanity to Horn Tower? What deadly game is the MAPPO sleeper cell playing with Information Agents Ebony Hide and Hip Flask?

Incorruptible #1
Last April BOOM! Studios showed the world that “Mark Waid Is Evil” with the smash-hit series Irredeemable. Now, Mark Waid is Incorruptible! Super villain Max Damage had an epiphany the day The Plutonian destroyed Sky City. When The Plutonian turned his back on humanity, Max Damage decided to step up. Now Max Damage has changed his name to Max Daring and turned from his formerly selfish ways to become Incorruptible. The flip side to this year’s break-out smash hit, examining the hard, difficult road to changing your ways and making a difference in the world. Covers by Tim Sale and John Cassaday.

Nola #2
She cheated death and now the hunt is on! Nola continues her quest for revenge in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans and finds herself in the destroyed city’s twisted web. From Chris Gorak (Right at Your Door) and scripted by Heroes comic writer Pierluigi Cothran!