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New Comics for 11/10/10

Here’s a list of all the new single issue comics coming out this Wednesday. Look it over. Anything catch your eye? Something should, it’s a big list. I’m still coming down off my Walking Dead buzz over here so I might get over zealous with my picks.

(A ♠ marks my projected pull list.)

♠ Amazing Spider-Man #648
Ant-Man …

Comics on Our Pull List

This is a big week. I know I say that often but limiting myself to just five for the featured pull list today was not easy. It’s going to be another budget breaking Wednesday at ol’ Midtown. Ignore these comics at your own peril.

Bullseye Perfect Game #1
Bullseye takes a year off of contract murdering to play baseball. …

Panel of the Week

It’s time for another look at some of the best scenes from last week’s comics. This week we’ve got problems with the in laws, the return of Amazonian flight, a tough loss for Man-Thing, a modern Superman, and of course, Clint Barton making a face. It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Hellblazer – City of Demons #2
What’s emerging as my …

New Comics for 11/3/10

Buying comics on Wednesday? Me too. Here’s a list of new comics dropping Wednesday, November 3rd. Check back throughout the week for the featured pull list, the Comic Book Club, and Panel of the Week.

(A ♠ marks my projected pull list.)

♠ Amazing Spider-Man #647
♠ Avengers Academy #6
Avengers Thor Captain America …

Your Next Zombie Obsession: We’re Alive

Need to score a zombie fix to hold off the jonesing until Sunday’s The Walking Dead premier? Point your modern browser over to the Zombie Podcast and find out what over a million other zombiephiles already know. We’re Alive is a radio drama about a zombie outbreak in Los Angeles and the band of survivors that are struggling to stay …

My Favorite Zombie: Evil Ash from Army of Darkness

To celebrate the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC this Sunday, we here at Techland will be picking out our favorite formerly deceased monsters across comics, games, film and other media. The zombie myth’s been around for centuries and has been reinterpreted almost as much as vampire lore. At their most basic, though, zombies represent

Comics on Our Pull List

Here are some comic books (and one hard cover) that are dropping today. I can’t promise great reads in all of these but there is something about each one that I’m intrigued by. Here I use ‘intrigued’ in the voice of a typical Bond villain, swivel chair and unnerving grin are implied. Come back tomorrow for some deep, deep, insight from …

Panel of the Week

Each installment of Panel of the Week I pull some of the best scenes from last week’s comics (released on 10/20) and put them up for all to see and make snarky comments about. Come back tomorrow to see the featured pull list just in time to hit your Local Comic Shop for lunch.

Batman and Robin #15
Frazer Irving has, I think, carved …

New Comics for 10/27/10

This Wednesday the 27th is no different than any other Wednesday. New comics will appear on racks all over the country and I will be there to buy a few too many of them. Here’s a list of new comics coming out this week. Give it a once over and see if anything talks to you.

(A ♠ marks my projected pull list.)

Amazing …

Comics on Our Pull List 10/20/10

Here it is, my top five pull list on its new day. I reshuffled some of my posts and now I’m going to bump the pull list to Wednesdays where it might do some more good for those getting ready to pull the trigger on some $2.99 gems. See you at the racks.

Batman and Robin #15
This is the final chapter in the “Batman Must Die” story …

Panel of the Week 10/19/10

Some of you may have noticed that there was no Panel of the Week last week. I’m going to change things up a bit going forward. I’m going to be posting the POTW on Tuesdays now. This way I can feel a little less guilty about posting potentially spoiler-ish scenes just one day after books are released, especially for those cats overseas …

New Comics for 10/20/10

A reminder to all the faithful, to all the penitent: Wednesday is two days away. Prepare yourselves. To that end here is the list of new comics hitting shelves near you. For the sake of readability this list does not contain alternate covers, magazines, toys, statues, posters or other merchandise. Just comics.

(A ♠ marks my

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