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Comics on Our Pull List 9/15/10

I think, Stan help me, that this is going to be a light week. Finally. I could use the slack to help offset my fantasy football dues which I can tell already won’t be paying off. But just because my brown paper bag won’t be bursting doesn’t mean it won’t be a good week. Here are some books I’m looking forward to.

Morning Glories …

New Comics for 9/15/10

You ever run across an item and think to yourself, “This is the kind of thing I could build a gnarly Hank McCoy cosplay around.” But then you remember that you’ve never done cosplay and it doesn’t seem to be the kind of thing you dabble in. It’s more of a lifestyle change. Why don’t you just spend that money on some new comics instead. …

Panel of the Week 9/9/10

Every week I scan my pile of new comics for those panels that make you stop and stare. I look for those moments that define characters, that change the rules, and sometimes those that break the rules they really shouldn’t. Here are some of those panels. Here is Panel of the Week.

X-Force – Sex and Violence #3
If you looked at just …

Comics on Our Pull List 9/9/10

When you make your way to your Local Comic Shop this Thursday you should really bring a list. Experts agree that you shouldn’t buy comics when you’re hungry for nostalgic war stories or the exploits of a boozed up astronaut. With that in mind here are some titles to keep an eye on and as always look out for the Comic Book Club and Panel

New Comics 9/9/10

The coming of another national holiday landing on a Monday puts us all in the familiar territory of new comics Thursday. So let’s all just dig in and hold on. We can make it. In the mean time here’s the list of new comics dropping on Thursday. Tomorrow we will dive a bit deeper and look at the featured pull list.

(A ♠ marks my

Panel of the Week 9/1/10

Every week I crawl out from under my long box fort and hoof it over to my local comic shop. Every week I laugh and I cry and I poo-poo the deserving. And every week I grab a stack of panels that I find noteworthy and I make some notes. Welcome to Panel of the Week. Now mostly spoiler free.

Science Dog #1
Technically this issue of …

Comics on Our Pull List 9/1/10

I know what you’re thinking. It’s nearly Wednesday. Again. It’s time to go and wait for that one guy to put down the stack of Brightest Days after he finally finds the one with the cleanest binding. It’s time to maneuver around the clown reading the store’s employee copy of Wizard just so you can check out. It’s time to pay four clams a …

New Comics 9/1/10

While Diamond may be delivering comics earlier in the week in 2011 we’ve still got some soldiering to do here in the ten. Here is your list of new comics for the week. There are some interesting things happening here. Wolverine might be trying to take back his title from Deadpool and there’s a new Sgt. Rock story as well. Picking the …

Where are the Jet Packs and Repulsorlifts?

What does Star Wars mean to me? Difficult to say. It means two very different things, depending on what point in my life you asked me.

I was born in 1978. I did not see Hope or Empire in the theaters. I did see Jedi as a five year old and worshipped it as a five year old would. Why wouldn’t I? It’s all plush freedom fighters and …

Panel of the Week 8/25/10

Each week I rush home with my pile of new comics and while they still have that new comic smell (not to be confused with old longbox comic smell) I pour over them and look for the Panel of the Week. This week’s installment features desk chair heroes, the anti Herbie, the Point Break galactic sequel, Metallo lite, and an unlocked Street …

Comics on Our Pull List 8/25/10

When I hit Midtown Comics tomorrow I’m going to be picking up a lot of Issue Number One’s. Feels like more than usual. Here’s three of them right here. Three number one’s and a couple more books that I believe will be worth the time and effort (well, it’s not that much effort). Be sure to check back later in the week for Comic Book Club

New Comics 8/25/10

Wednesday marks not only the championship game of my flag football league. It’s also new comics day. Here’s the list of new comics dropping this week. This is without posters or magazines, sans toys and statues, and completely absent of lunch boxes, busts, and DVDs. Just comics.

(A ♠ marks my projected pull list.)

Amazing …

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