Comics on Our Pull List 9/1/10

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I know what you’re thinking. It’s nearly Wednesday. Again. It’s time to go and wait for that one guy to put down the stack of Brightest Days after he finally finds the one with the cleanest binding. It’s time to maneuver around the clown reading the store’s employee copy of Wizard just so you can check out. It’s time to pay four clams a piece for some new books. You’re right. It’s time for all that and more but some one has to do it. Here are some comics that we here at Techland will be braving the trenches for.

Last Days of American Crime #3
The American government is about to introduce nationwide anti-crime mind control while simultaneously abolishing paper currency in a few days. The crooks in Last Days have only those few days to pull off a heist to set them up for life. It’s been a gritty ride in the same vein as Criminal or 100 Bullets and it wraps up with this issue. Rick Remender has written a great bit of crime drama so far and artist Greg Tocchini’s fluid lines fit the world and characters perfectly.

Our Army at War #1
This one shot spans generations of soldiers. The story draws parallels between the men of Sgt. Rock’s Easy Company and a modern combat unit stationed in Afghanistan. I don’t read too many war comics (not that too many war comics come out these days) but this approach to a traditional Sgt. Rock story sounds very interesting.

Deadpool Pulp #1
For the first time in a long time a Deadpool title has made it onto my pull list. It’s not coincidence that it’s a “What If” story. The current direction of the ‘pool titles (any of them) is a bit too zany for my taste. In Pulp Wade is a deadly but insane CIA agent tasked with tracking down a rogue femme fatale agent with a suitcase nuke. Punisher artist Laurence Campbell brings his gritty realist style to the table.

Taskmaster #1
Tasky has gone legit following the events of Siege. After years of training thugs and henchmen for all the biggest criminal organizations in the history of the Marvel U the Taskmaster is working for Steve Rogers. Now all of the heavy’s that Taskmaster trained are coming after him for the bounty. There’s supposed to be some sort of origin story here as well but I just want to see skull face use every Marvel U fighting move in the book to take on the horde.

Scarlet #2
The stage has been set. The world is broken and Scarlet is not going to take it any more. Brian Michael Bendis writes this story of vengeance and Alex Maleev makes heavy use of a model for the heroine to give the pages a very unique look. Let’s see if we can get more story telling and less sensationalist violence. We get it, she’s angry.

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