Comics on Our Pull List 8/25/10

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When I hit Midtown Comics tomorrow I’m going to be picking up a lot of Issue Number One’s. Feels like more than usual. Here’s three of them right here. Three number one’s and a couple more books that I believe will be worth the time and effort (well, it’s not that much effort). Be sure to check back later in the week for Comic Book Club and Panel of the Week.

Guarding the Globe #1
The Image Universe that centers primarily around the adventures of Invincible is about to get a bit more robust. Guarding the Globe will track the trials of the world’s premier super team, The Guardians of the Globe. The Guardians have a violent history but the newest lineup, lead by the indestructible veteran Brit, has done well in the B stories of Invincible. Getting their own title was inevitable.

Avengers #4
Despite some popcorn flick battles this volume of the Avengers has been slow to get started. I set aside my initial revulsion of time travel story lines and decided to trust in Bendis to write a fun team book. So far the jokes and banter have been entertaining but I’m still struggling with this whole ‘broken time stream’. Bendis has a tendency to treat technology, especially the kind thrown together by Tony or Reed, like magic. And when are we going to see these Next Avengers?

Superman Secret Origin #6
Supes is outed as an alien in this, the final chapter of the Secret Origin miniseries. This story is the latest retelling of Superman’s origin and it has been fantastic. The art of Gary Frank alone is reason to pick up this series but Geoff Johns has been spot on with the characterizations as well. The reason for Clark’s glasses, the creation of Parasite, the relationship between Supes and Luthor, they have all been insightful and well paced. There’s no reason this double sized finale should be any different.

Namor the First Mutant #1
Underwater vampires!? Namor’s allegiances are tested (again) when the inhabitants of Atlantis come under attack from vampires. This might be interesting. Reason enough to pick this up is the art of Ariel Olivetti who has done some great work with the Punisher and the Hulk recently. This is a spin-off book from the newly renumbered X-Men so it’s probably skippable but then again it’s underwater vampires. This might be better than the main story line.

Dracula The Company of Monsters #1
Vampires are the new Hansel. So hot right now. Writer Kurt Busiek throws his hat into the fanged ring with this modern take on Dracula. A powerful ‘predatory’ corporation somehow acquires the rights to the king of vampires and Dracula isn’t having it. I don’t know yet if this will feature courtroom battles or not but it’s a fresh take that doesn’t involve sparkly skin as far as I can tell. I’ll check it out. Oh look, Wolk’s got a preview.