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Panel of the Week 12/3/09

Well, as I mentioned on Tuesday we didn’t get new comics until Thursday this week. Thursday! The humanity. However we were rewarded with some great scenes this week. From introspective insanity to cranial frappe’s here is Panel of the Week!

Siege: The Cabal
Well, it is finally happening. The wheels are coming off for Norman …

Comics on Our Pull List This Week 12/3/09

Finally, the end is near for Marvel’s Dark Reign. Siege the Cabal arrives in stores and kicks off the long awaited Siege story line that will kick off a new age of heroes in the Marvel U. Image Comics have some big titles as well with the second chapter of the Atom Eve/Rex Splode story as well as the third installment of the hit series …

New Comics for 12/3/09

New comics come out on Thursday this week. Not Wednesday. This happens a few times a year, usually on the weeks where a Monday is a national holiday. But even when I know it’s coming it still hurts. It still throws off my ENTIRE week. So yeah, have a great week enduring a third soul-crushing day at the office waiting for your new comics …

Panel of the Week

There were some big issues in the shops this Wednesday. Actually there were a ton of issues at the shops. The most we’ve picked up in one day in a long time. There’s a lot to cover here but I think we’ve managed to yank out some great moments from some great titles. Here we go, our second installment of Techland’s Panel of the …

New Comics for 11/25/09

Here’s the full list of every new comic hitting the stands on Wednesday, November 25th. Check back tomorrow to see what titles we’re most looking forward to from Marvel, DC, Image and all the rest. Here’s a hint.

Amazing Spider-Man #613
Avengers The Initiative #30
Criminal Sinners #2
Dark Avengers Ares #2
Dark Tower The …

Panel of the Week

Every week we’re going to pull out some of our favorite images from the comics we’ve been reading. We’re going to call it Panel of the Week! As you might have read in Lev’s post we love naming things. So let’s get right into it.

Punisher #11

As we saw recently in Dark Reign, Wolverine’s son, Daken, was sent after the Punisher. The …

Comics on Our Pull List This Week

Wednesday cometh and here’s what we’re looking forward to this week. In the Marvel Universe Spider-Man is in two big titles. Amazing Spidey #612 kicks off the Gauntlet event where web-head’s greatest villains return to center stage starting with Electro. Over in Dark Reign the List Spider-Man, Norman Osborn sets his sights on Spidey …

New Comics for 11/18/09

Every Monday TECHLAND will put out a list of all the new comics coming out on Wednesday. Check back later in the week to see what titles we’re excited about and which ones lived up to the hype. For now though here are all the new issues that are hitting shelves this week from the big two down to the up and comers.

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