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New Comics for 2/24/10

The list seems long this week doesn’t it? It’s a big week for the Events with Siege and Blackest Night taking the top billing. With so many books coming out it’s going to be hard to narrow down a pull list but come back tomorrow to see what books we’re reading here at Techland.

Amazing Spider-Man #622
Avengers The Initiative …

Comics on Our Pull List – 2/17/10

Yes, there are event-y things going on in the world of the big two. Nights are still blackest and Hulks are certainly still falling but there are some smaller titles I’m looking forward to more this week. Although it got some bad reviews I sort of enjoyed Joe the Barabarian’s first issue and I’m ready for issue two. I think I have …

New Comics for 2/17/10

It’s a week after the Snowpacolypse and we here in NYC are still paying the price. My local comic shop, Midtown Comics, is going to be a day late on new comics as a result of the storm. Once again I must suffer through till Thursday. It’s still going to be a big week, picking my Pulls of the Week is going to be difficult tomorrow. I will …

Panel of the Week 2/10/10

I’m not mail carrier but even Snowpacolypse won’t stop me from my appointed rounds. I got the boots out and sludged through the NYC streets to get my books. And for all my efforts I was rewarded. This week we got some old school violence, some interstellar genocide and even a new Bat-contraption. Read on to see what action made the Panel

Comics on Our Pull List – 2/10/10

It is going to be another great week for comics. We have milestone issues, story arc wrap ups, and over seas hijinks. Both the “Enders Game” spinoff series “Command School” and the “Invincible” spinoff series “Atom Eve and Rex Splode” are wrapping up. Dick Grayson faces his worst nightmare while in London. The Punisher and the Kingpin …

New Comics for 2/10/10

Wednesday is just a few days away, faithful. Here is a list of all the new releases we can expect this week. Check back tomorrow to find out what we are going to put on our pull list.

Amazing Spider-Man #620
Amazing Spider-Man Presents Jackpot #2
Anita Blake Laughing Corpse Executioner #4
Dark Avengers Poster Book
Dark …

Panel of the Week – 2/3/10

We were treated to some outstanding scenes this week. We had the death of an Avenger. We met a A-List mutant’s illegitimate son. We all got an architecture lesson. We got a reminder that ancient snake-headed evils are not to be screwed with and finally, motorcycle safety is not a laughing matter. Here it is, your

Comics on Our Pull List – 2/3/10

The Marvel Event Machine keeps on rolling in this first Wednesday in February. As you can read below Siege #2 is promising the death of an Avenger. The only problem with that is there are currently 45 Avengers spread across a half dozen teams. The rebooted Ultimate universe continues to grow with Ultimate X #1. The giant World of New …

Interview with “45” creator Andi Ewington

On Wednesday (2/3/10) comics publisher Com.X is releasing a new title “45” by debut writer Andi Ewington. “45” is the story of journalist James Stanley, an expectant father in a world not unlike our own where on rare occasions babies are born with super powers. These individuals have what is known as the super-s gene and the lives they …

New Comics for 2/3/10

Here’s the list of all the comics that are supposed to ship on Wednesday. I say supposed to because I’ve been reading rumors that a truck carrying certain Marvel titles crashed on its way to the Diamond distributor. It’s not yet clear what that will mean for your local comic shop, though it sounds like some variant covers were destroyed. …

Panel of the Week – 1/27/10

Hoo boy, what a haul this week! I dropped more coin on Wednesday than I have in a long, long time. And for my considerable dollars I got some great shots for Panel of the Week. Kick-Ass finally lived up to his name. Marvel wrapped up the longest labor in history with Cap Reborn. Green Lantern did his best Zool impression. Parasite …

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