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Comics on Our Pull List 3/24/10

Have you had enough Mark Millar yet? Have you? Well, get ready for the next wave of Millar-ness because Nemesis drops this week and I can’t wait. Seriously, is it Wednesday yet? There’s also a ton of Siege related titles dropping this week but the event book to look for is going to be Green Lantern, or should I say WHITE Lantern? …

Panel of the Week 3/17/10

It’s giant, towering Egyptian gods. It’s long events that are nearly finished. It’s Girl-verines. It’s old timey vamps. It’s Panel of the Week!

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #6
My relationship with Moon Knight is dysfunctional. Whenever I buy a Moon Knight comic I feel guilty. Like my friends and family are looking at me with …

Comics on Our Pull List 3/17/10

Here’s what I’m picking up this week on my Wednesday pilgrimage. Vampires, Barbarians, and Lanterns oh my! I got my weekly number one in there as well, it’s everyone’s favorite scrappy Logan clone. Check back on Thursday to see if any of these books are good for the Panel of the Week!

Siege #3
At this point I’m pretty committed. I …

Panel of the Week 3/10/10

I really could have gone with five panels from PunisherMax or Batman and Robin or Batgirl this week but it was just the same old awesomeness from a month ago. Let’s get into some new stuff. Some talkin’ rhinos and cyborg zombie killers, shall we? It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Elephantmen #24
I’ll admit it, I’m late to the …

Comics on Our Pull List 3/10/10

PunisherMax #5
I think I’ve been predictable enough to put all five issues of this series on my pull list posts. I can’t apologize for it. This character study of the Kingpin has been on point. The pace is perfect and it’s punctuated by scenes of intense violence that only Big Pun could deliver. This issue marks the end of the arc and …

New Comics for 3/10/10

So Peter Ha mentioned that maybe the new comics list could be ‘punched up’ a little. I thought I was providing a great service by stripping down the comics list to just new issues. No trades, no magazines, no toys, statues, or merchandise. I even strip out the BS alternate covers. This is the list I want to see every week. Just the …

Panel of the Week 3/3/10

Today in Panel of the Week we face down the devil with Thor, we crack wise in a green fedora, and we crash through the jungle with our robotic stomping feet. After that it’s time for murders and executions followed by a visit with the karate choppingest magician around.

New Ultimates #1
Oh, Thor. Have you ever seen a more ‘just …

Comics on our Pull List 3/3/10

Green Hornet #1
The Green Hornet is back and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero and his faithful sidekick, Kato (and, the Black Beauty, ‘natch!)! And we’re kicking things off with a BANG as we launch the first of a new series of adventures starting with the great Kevin Smith. And let’s get it out of the way, right here, …

New Comics for 3/3/10

It’s going to be another strong week. We’re getting some long-hyped Ultimate titles as well as even more brand-new Deadpool, if you can believe that. DC gets back into the pulp business and there’s going to be Supergods and zombies attacking robots! Check back tomorrow to see what we’re excited about.

Amazing Spider-Man …

Panel of the Week 2/24/10

It was a week of highs and lows for me. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the titles I took a chance on this week. Blackest Night came back strong after its hiatus but the three Siege titles that dropped were lackluster. Read on to see what action is in the Panel of the Week.

Batman and Robin #9
At this point I have to admit …

Comics on our Pull List 2/24/10

New comics are just one day away. The Blackest Night drought of January has finally come and gone. Issue seven is here with all its ring deputized glory. The Ender’s Game series produced a surprising number of books but Pasqual Ferry is drawing one more about the war hero Mazer Rackham and I’m going to buy it. What happened to Thor after …

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