Comics on Our Pull List – 2/10/10

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It is going to be another great week for comics. We have milestone issues, story arc wrap ups, and over seas hijinks. Both the “Enders Game” spinoff series “Command School” and the “Invincible” spinoff series “Atom Eve and Rex Splode” are wrapping up. Dick Grayson faces his worst nightmare while in London. The Punisher and the Kingpin continue their brutal dance and “DMZ” hits milestone issue number fifty with a collection of short stories and artists. Check back later in the week to see if any of the action made the Panel of the Week.

Enders Game Command School #5
Bean and his companions are now reunited with Ender, and under his command they face what they’re told is their graduation exercise. The assignment: defeat the Formics in a range of simulated attacks which will stretch them to their limits. But Bean knows they’ve been lied to. He also knows that if Ender fails, it will fall to him to do the unthinkable. The companion series to Orson Scott Card’s award-winning classic concludes here!

Batman and Robin #8
BATMAN AND ROBIN double-ships in February with part 2 and 3 of “Blackest Knight” guest-starring Batwoman, Knight and Squire! Only months into his new role as Batman, Dick Grayson faces perhaps the biggest threat of his life. In hopes of attaining his heart’s desire, has Dick instead unleashed a terror the likes of which the world has never seen? Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Alfred and a recuperating Robin are at the mercy of someone both fearsome and familiar…

DMZ #50
Celebrate 50 issues of DMZ with “Notes from the Underground,” an oversized collection of short stories gathered by stranded rookie journalist Matty Roth on location in the heart of America’s Second Civil War. Featuring art from talent spanning the entire industry including Ryan Kelly (Local) Fábio Moon (B.P.R.D., DAYTRIPPER), JP Leon (STATIC) and more! This is a must-not-miss celebration of a pivotal Vertigo series.

Invincible Presents Atom Eve and Rex Splode #3
Picking up right where the first ATOM EVE miniseries left off! See the secret origin of Rex Splode! See what shaped him into the man who tragically sacrificed himself in the Invincible War. Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to this hit miniseries!

Punishermax #4
“A WARM PLACE TO $%^&” The Punisher’s wildest foe is back — give or take a few boy parts- embarking on a solo mission that has him playing bodyguard to the son of a dangerous mob boss. Only one problem: Junior’s a hemophiliac — just one little scratch, and he’s a goner. If Barracuda wants to collect his paycheck (not to mention keep his dome attached to his shoulders), he’s gonna have to dig deep into his bag of dirty tricks. And when it’s empty, find a bigger bag.