Comics on Our Pull List This Week

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Wednesday cometh and here’s what we’re looking forward to this week. In the Marvel Universe Spider-Man is in two big titles. Amazing Spidey #612 kicks off the Gauntlet event where web-head’s greatest villains return to center stage starting with Electro. Over in Dark Reign the List Spider-Man, Norman Osborn sets his sights on Spidey after taking care of Frank Castle. Speaking of the Punisher the one man army gets the undead treatment as FrankenCastle begins in Punisher #11. In Flash Rebirth #5 DC is bringing back Barry Allen and setting up the final chapter in issue six. Finally the aftermath of the Invincible War has begun in Invincible #68 as Mark Grayson begins to rebuild the cities of the world.

What are you reading?

Amazing Spider-Man #612

“POWER TO THE PEOPLE” PART 1-They’re Hunting Spiders…THE GAUNTLET begins here! The event that redefines Spider-Man’s classic arch-enemies one by one starts with one of his deadliest – Electro! Destitute and desperate, conned out of his life’s meaning and worth – Max Dillon becomes the voice of the common man against the brutal injustice of a system overloaded by greed. With Spider-Man already looking over his shoulder. Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta bring you the story of a hero with everything to lose against a man with nothing left to gain. Prepare for death’s short, sharp shock. Prepare for Electro

Dark Reign List Spider-Man

Norman Osborn has saved the best for last as he takes on the most personal item on his evil To-Do list. The violent tension between Spider-Man and Norman has grown for years and has been building to a boil for the last few months after Osborn’s last defeat at Spidey’s hands at the end of America Son. Norman can no longer put off what needs to be done. Plus, the story from Pulse #5 outing Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin to the world.

Punisher #11

“FRANKEN-CASTLE” PART 1-In the belly of New York, skulking and forgotten creatures of the night uncover the remains of a man in a familiar outfit. Frank Castle is dead. What exactly IS Frankencastle? Long time collaborators Rick Remender and Tony Moore (GHOST RIDER, Fear Agent, The Walking Dead) are reunited for what will be the greatest struggle in the afterlife of the Punisher. Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster…

Flash Rebirth #5

The greatest threat to face the Flash Family in decades stands revealed! A new hero will step into an old speedster’s boots! And Barry Allen will make the ultimate sacrifice: his life! Oh yeah, you read that right, but you’ll never believe just what it means! They always say nothing will ever be the same, but trust us, this one will rewrite the history books!

Invincible #68

EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW! We return to Earth after the brief space interlude involving Nolan and Allen the Alien… but is it the Earth we knew?! What changes have taken place? What has transpired in the time we were away? Who is DINOSAURUS?! This issue is a can’t-miss for long-time fans of Invincible and an excellent jumping-on point for people who have yet to dip their toes in the INVINCIBLE waters.