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Panel of the Week 8/18/10

Here are some panels from some comics that came out this week. I don’t think any of these panels are scruffy looking at all. Today we’ve got improvised adamantium weapons, thunderous applause, backwards talk, a sailor’s life, and one helluva murder-suicide. It’s that time readers, here is your Panel of the Week!

Marvel Universe vs

New Comics for 8/18/10

Here is the list of new comics coming out this Wednesday. Please don’t take this as some type of ultimatum. It’s just a list. Do with it what you like. Now the featured Pull List that comes out tomorrow, that’s a different story. Those are words to be heeded. Today, however, peruse.

(A ♠ marks my projected pull list.)

Age …

Panel of the Week 8/11/10

It’s time to take a look at some of the most noteworthy scenes from yesterday’s comics. It’s time to laugh and cry and be thankful and all that. So let’s sit down in front of our Stuart Smalley mirrors and let’s affirm, y’know? It’s time for gun-hands, Superman Nike endorsements, Iron Persons, Claygirl, and LOST jokes. It’s time for

Comics on Our Pull List 8/11/10

New comics drop tomorrow. Tomorrow, man. I hope you reviewed yesterday’s list of new comics. Here are five comics that I really want to be good reads. I want to believe in them and what they stand for. Time for a saving throw against mediocrity. As always come on back later in the week for the Comic Book Club and

New Comics for 8/11/10

Sometimes, Virgo, sometimes when I’m lazy Sunday-ing around Wednesday can seem so far away. To alleviate the anxiety (or maybe to exacerbate it) I make a list. A list of all the comics that are coming out this week. I look at the list and I hunt around for previews and I sigh. Join in my lament, reader.

(A ♠ marks my projected pull

Panel of the Week 8/4/10

Welcome back to Panel of the Week where we choose some of the best scenes from this week’s comic books. This week we have monotone vigilantes, an angry Thing, a helicarrier precursor, big pun, and a new twist on ninja demon summoning. Let’s blow your hair back.

Daredevil Black and White
There are two flavors of Daredevil the …

New Comics for 8/4/10

Coming to a comic shop near you, here are your new comics for this week. No magazines, no trades or children’s books here, no sir. No statues or t-shirts or lunch boxes. Just comics. Floppy four dollar fantasies just waiting for you to escape into. As always the ♠’s denote my projected pull list. Be sure to come back later this week …

Panel of the Week 7/28/10

Welcome back to Panel of the Week where we take a look at some of the most noteworthy panels from this week’s comics. This week, what is supposed to be a slow week right after comic-con, was packed with great stuff. We have a beautiful butterfly Thing, clown-faced violence (a given), Wolverine has joined the party, a cowboy alien …

Comics on Our Pull List 7/28/10

It’s Tuesday. Have you gotten all the Thor/Cap bro hugs out of your system? Good, because it’s back to business at your local comic shop. Here are some comics that I’m really hoping won’t suck but I’ve been wrong in the past. We got our usual Issue Number One pick in there as well as a series finale. Join us.

American Vampire …

New Comics for 7/28/10

The Con is over. You can shower now. You can let down your guard against potential face stabbers and you can really start to think about what Sucker Punch could possibly be about. Wednesday, being Wednesday, is still just around the corner, however. It’s going to be a big week. Check back tomorrow for the recommended pull list …

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