Panel of the Week 9/1/10

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Every week I crawl out from under my long box fort and hoof it over to my local comic shop. Every week I laugh and I cry and I poo-poo the deserving. And every week I grab a stack of panels that I find noteworthy and I make some notes. Welcome to Panel of the Week. Now mostly spoiler free.

Science Dog #1
Technically this issue of Science Dog is just a reprint of old stories from the back pages of Invincible. It’s still Kirkman and Walker, a duo fast becoming one of my favorite creative teams. There’s all kinds of action obviously, an origin story, some depth for second tier characters but it really comes down to a hyper intelligent man-dog with welders goggles and a jet pack righting wrongs. Where do I sign?

Magdalena #3
This is turning into a detective story as our Magdalena checks on leads and inevitably fights a demon. Well, it’s a detective story or an episode of Power Rangers. So far in all three issues of this series there’s been the same inevitability of monster as there is an any episode of the Japanese live action children’s show. It’s just that Nelson Blake II draws such great looking monsters.

Taskmaster #1
This book was a bit zanier than I was expecting. Perhaps riding a bit of the Deadpool wave the criminal merc groups coming after Taskmaster were mostly existing groups in the Marvel U (AIM, HYDRA) but some were creations of writer Fred van Lente. Like The Inquisition for example. As soon as I saw these little guys I was ready to look up their history on the Internets. I was disappointed to find out that they had none, being original creations. Short lived ones at that.

Shadowland #3
Daredevil is possessed, the Kingpin has summoned the Ghost Rider, Moon Knight is voluntarily imprisoned, everything is upside down in Shadowland. Well, everything except Frank Castle. Frank sticks to the script, one that you can count. (Except for the whole Frankencastle business, but that will pass.)

Our Army at War featuring Sgt. Rock (one shot)
Look there, it’s Gung Ho, Bazooka, Snake Eyes, Breaker, Roadblock, Flint and Lady Jaye. Whoops, no it’s not. My mistake. Those people there are the Gods of War. They are a modern day mercenary group operating with allied forces in the mountains of Afghanistan. I bet they have an idea what half the battle is though.