Comics on Our Pull List 9/15/10

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I think, Stan help me, that this is going to be a light week. Finally. I could use the slack to help offset my fantasy football dues which I can tell already won’t be paying off. But just because my brown paper bag won’t be bursting doesn’t mean it won’t be a good week. Here are some books I’m looking forward to.

Morning Glories #2
I am buying into the hype surrounding this book. It seems like it would be some typical high school fare but there’s a hefty dose of mystery here. And not the lame Agatha Chrystie kind of mystery either. After the introductions were made last issue the writers don’t waste any time ratcheting up the WTF in this issue. Previews don’t lie. Usually.

X-23 #1
Everyone’s favorite little Wolverine clone is getting another mini series. Now that Logan has gone to Hell, literally, X-23 is ready to step up and fill in his size eight shoes. Now, as much as Logan is blood thirsty his wee clone is a borderline sociopath. We’ve gotten a good look at her wildly spinning moral compass in the pages of X-Force and in the Second Coming X-event. However, she’s still a relatively new character and her canon hasn’t been completely hosed yet so maybe there are some good stories she can be part of. Fingers crossed.

Joe the Barbarian #7
It’s taken seven issues but the sugar starved mind of young diabetic Joe is finally going down into the cellar. He’s going to take on the enemy on their own turf. At times this series has lost me, despite its intriguing basis of delusional fantasy, but finally (finally!) Joe is going to stand up for himself and rescue his pet rat. Or something. Good luck, I’m still scared of my parent’s basement. Wolf spiders hang out down there.

Shadowland: Ghost Rider #1
As the first notable ‘event’ of the Heroic Age, Shadowland has been disappointing so far. It might still redeem itself but where I was hoping for a street level power struggle for Hell’s Kitchen I’ve gotten a mystical ninja clusterscrew instead. It’s safe to say that things went really south when Matt murdered Bullseye but it wasn’t until the Ghost Rider showed up that I knew I wasn’t going to get what I wanted. Having said all that Clayton Crain is drawing this Ghost Rider tie-in, and well, I just can’t say no to a Crain-drawn Rider.

Batman Beyond #4
I’ve been enjoying this book despite its shortcomings. Terry is kind of a whiner and he reminds me more of a Flash or a Green Lantern (the whimsical ones at least) instead of Bruce Wayne. And when it comes right down to it I want to read about Bruce, or at least a reasonable facsimile of him, behind the cowl. I am interested in who has taken the title of Hush in the future though so I’ll continue to suffer Terry’s tantrums.