Panel of the Week 10/19/10

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Some of you may have noticed that there was no Panel of the Week last week. I’m going to change things up a bit going forward. I’m going to be posting the POTW on Tuesdays now. This way I can feel a little less guilty about posting potentially spoiler-ish scenes just one day after books are released, especially for those cats overseas who can’t even buy these books until Thursday. I’ve stayed away from last page splashes (many of which can be the most beautiful page in an entire book) for this reason. Well, no more! Having said all that none of the panels from this weeks POTW contain any real spoilers. Coincidence.

Shadowland #4
Marvel has taken the easy way out with this Shadowland event. They have effectively taken Matt Murdock out of the hot seat by making him a possessed character that we, and the heroes involved, can’t really hold responsible for his actions. This is weak sauce. Sure you can make the argument that Matt set himself up to be manipulated by the Hand and that his own increasingly out of control actions in New York means he deserves his ultimate fate (whatever that may be) but Matt Murdock can’t get stabbed in the chest and shake it off. I’m going to see Shadowland through but I don’t have to like it.

New Avengers #5
A long time ago before anything like the Dark Avengers, the New Avengers was a refreshing team. It was an excuse to add Spidey and Wolverine to the squad as well as write the proper introduction of the at the time still cool Sentry. All good things. Making Luke Cage the moral center of the team was very importantt. He wanted the Avengers to patrol crappy neighborhoods and be a deterrent (a comic I still want to read btw). These days the New Avengers have turned into Hogwarts and I think I’ve figured out why. Simply put Dr. Strange and Wong are the most interesting characters on the team. Why tackle civil unrest or organized crime when Doc can spew pyrotechnics at demons?

Strange Tales #1 (vol. 2)
We covered this book in Comic Book Club this week if you want to hear more of us talk about it. You should, it’s a great book. As I mentioned there, I picked this book up because Grampa did the cover and a very cool Wolverine story but then in the final two pages I got quite a surprise. Nicholas Gurewitch, the man behind Perry Bible Fellowship, did a quick gag with Galactus and Magneto. I won’t spoil the joke but it’s been making its way around the interwebs if you want to go find it.

Superior #1
Say what you will about Mark Millar and his particular brand of pandering, never-on-time, comics but I find myself buying them all. I think maybe I know deep down that I’m hurting the industry by supporting him or something but I just have to see what four letter shenanigans he’s going to write next. Somehow a talking, wish-granting, cosmonaut, chimp doesn’t seem that campy. It seems like a thing that would happen. Somewhere. I guess that counts for something.

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #5
I simply have no idea what’s happening in Return of Bruce Wayne. I understand that he’s coming back to Gotham one episode of Quantum Leap at a time and Red Robin has made it clear that in doing so Bruce will explode or something but after that, I got nothing. I turn the pages and I read all the words but brother, I cannot see the sail boat no matter how much I relax my eyes. Having said all that, how much do you wish that this version of Batman was kind of floating along in the background of the fidelio scenes in Eyes Wide Shut?

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