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Each installment of Panel of the Week I pull some of the best scenes from last week’s comics (released on 10/20) and put them up for all to see and make snarky comments about. Come back tomorrow to see the featured pull list just in time to hit your Local Comic Shop for lunch.

Batman and Robin #15
Frazer Irving has, I think, carved out a legacy as one of the most noteworthy artists to draw a page of the caped crusader. His interactions between the Joker and Damian will be marveled at for years. At least they will be by me. This panel of the Boy Hostage with the red clown nose encapsulated this whole story arc in one demented shot.

Carnage #1
I think my favorite thing about the run up to Civil War was the team up of Tony Stark and Peter Parker. I thought there was going to be some great sci-fi/tech stories born there as Tony tried to appeal to the scientist in Peter. Then Iron Spider happened and then the unmasking and we all know what Brand New Something that led to. I guess what I’m saying is it was nice to see these two get together again Lucky Charms or no.

Kick-Ass 2 #1
Well, well, what do we have here? Is it a bizarro Avengers? I see a Cap and a Thor and a Valkyrie and a Scarlet Witch and a Spider-Man and what looks like maybe a Hulk stand-in. I’m already more interested in this band of idiots than I am in Kick-Ass himself. I’m liking the costume design in particular even if it is slightly derivative.

New Ultimates #3
As soon as I saw this page I knew it was going to be Panel of the Week. In fact, this is an easy top five entry for Panel of the Year. I’m even going to look past the fact that Frank Cho felt the need to sign nearly every page of this book. I guess he’s selling them as prints? That is Valkyrie by the way, who is finally going to be an actual valkyrie in the Norse sense of the word. I don’t know what that means for continuing to boink Thor but I suspect they will work it out.

Morning Glories #3
Has this been covered on Mythbusters? How easy is it to snap a grown man’s neck? Because according to TV, movies, and yes, comics, most folks have necks made of balsa wood.

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