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Here are some comic books (and one hard cover) that are dropping today. I can’t promise great reads in all of these but there is something about each one that I’m intrigued by. Here I use ‘intrigued’ in the voice of a typical Bond villain, swivel chair and unnerving grin are implied. Come back tomorrow for some deep, deep, insight from the Comic Book Club.

Superman Earth One
I think I might have to face the reality that my favorite Superman stories are re-imaginings and what-ifs. Stories like Birthright, Secret Identity and Red Son are probably my favorite Superman arcs. This is the reason I’m excited about Earth One. It’s another take on Big Blue’s origin, this time set in the present day. I’ve heard, however, that young Clark gets a bit emo at times.

Captain America #611
You know how Bucky was the Winter Soldier for all those years during the Cold War? Well, his secret past as a Russian assassin has finally caught up with him and he’s going on trial for his past (brainwashed) transgressions. Looking past the fact that we’re going to get an arc full of Bucky sitting in a courtroom in civvies, the outcome doesn’t much matter. Win or lose this has to be setting up the return of Steve Rogers as Cap just in time for his movie to come out.

Incognito: Bad Influences
Influences picks up on the life of reluctant hero Zack Overkill. Reluctant hero isn’t the right term, he’s not as much of an evil bastard as he once was before he entered the witness protection program. It’s now a year later and he’s trying to be a good guy. The creative team of Brubaker and Phillips returns on the Icon imprint. What’s not to love?

Thunderbolts #149
For everyone, including me, who has been sort of let down by the state of the Shadowland event you can now breathe easy. Luke Cage is here and he brought the Thunderbolts. Praise Stan, he brought the Thunderbolts. I feel like I’ve been waiting all year to see Man Thing and Crossbones murder Hand ninjas.

Avengers #6
This is your last chance Bendis/JRJR. It’s been five issues of Benny Hill ,double-speed, time/dimension hopping, wackiness and I’ve been patient. I know that the next arc that kicks off will feature the Red Hulk, a character that I have little enthusiasm for as it is. I need a very strong finish to this Ultron vs Kang story to keep me excited about this Avengers reboot because Secret and Prime aren’t getting the job done either.

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