Comics on Our Pull List 12/23/09

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Well, it appears that there will be a limited shipping schedule next week for comics. Which means most of us won’t be getting our fix for the week next week. I’m already planning a trip to pick up some trades on my to-read list to make up for the loss. However, for this week we’ve got some big issues to grab. Image United continues the ground-breaking series with the second issue by all the Image creators. Fall of the Hulks and the return of Captain America headline for Marvel. The origin story of Batwoman wraps over in Detective Comics #860. Finally, Rick Remender, the man behind recent issues of the Punisher, gives us a new title called The Last Days of American Crime, a what-if tale about the future of Big Brother in America. Can’t wait for Wednesday even though I will be in Seattle. Anyone know a good shop in Space Needle town?

Fall of the Hulks Gamma
It’s almost here! JEPH LOEB and original WORLD WAR HULK artist JOHN ROMITA JR. bring you the set-up to the event of 2010. With the Hulk family growing exponentially over the past year, it was only a matter of time before things came to a smashing head. But what could set all of these characters into a rage that has them turning on each other, and on the world? Whose death starts this? Just what role do Skaar, A-Bomb, the She-Hulks and the Marvel Universe play in this story? One thing’s for sure-things are about to get incredible!

Image United #2
THE CROSSOVER EVENT OF THE CENTURY IS HERE! The greatest threat the Image Universe has ever faced makes his first move toward world domination! You can’t miss this historic event as the original Image Founders draw all the characters they made history with. Each page is an amazing jam piece – it’s a story told in a way never before attempted in comics.

Detective Comics #860
Batwoman’s origin story concludes here! In “Go!” part 3, Kate Kane becomes Batwoman and goes after a terrorist cell in Gotham, but all does not go according to plan. Plus, in the present, Kate confronts her father about her supposedly dead sister! In the co-feature, the Huntress joins The Question in her quest to track down the leaders of the human trafficking ring. But finding them – and bring them to justice – will be harder and more dangerous than either hero thought!

Captain America Reborn Who Will Wield The Shield
Steve Rogers has returned, but Bucky Barnes is the current Captain America, and has come into his own in the role. Will there be two Captain Americas? Will Bucky go back to being the Winter Soldier? What will happen? Decisions, decisions, decisions….

Last Days of American Crime #1
From Rick Remender, the critically acclaimed writer of Punisher. In the not-too-distant future, as a final response to terrorism and crime, the U.S. government plans in secret to broadcast a signal making it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit unlawful acts. To keep this from the public, the government creates a distraction, installing a new currency system using digital charge cards. Enter Graham Brick, a career criminal never quite able to hit the big score. In a grand scheme, Graham intends to steal one of the charging stations, skip the country and live off unlimited funds for the rest of his life. But the media has leaked news of the anti-crime signal one week before it was to go live… and now Graham and his team have just a few days to turn the crime of the century into the last crime in American history.