Avatar — Now for the Atari 2600!

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Well, this is insanely brilliant. Via Kotaku via GameSetWatch and 30 other blogs, probably: current movies as Atari 2600 game box art.

Full size version is here. It’s worth the click.

You can see it all now: a world that might have been, where Cameron’s first feature was Avatar instead of Terminator, and they blew all the money on the movie license, and the game is just these crappy blue stick figures jumping around in a blocky geometrical tree. At the end it takes you 10,000 tries to tame the Toruk — you have to jump off your banshee just right — and it plays some lame MIDI tune and the game ends. And there’s a crap easter egg of the programmer’s name somewhere inside the Home Tree.

Then the game flops, and a million cartridges get land-filled in New Mexico, just like the E.T. game.

These are by an Australian firm called Penney Design, by the way. The full set is here. My other favorite is Cloverfieldinstructions missing!