Fallen Angels Are the New Zombies. Seriously Think About It

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Remember how zombies were the new vampires? Well forget it! Forget it ever happened!

See, now we have Legion coming out, where Paul Bettany plays this angel who goes to Earth to get hella paid save humanity from a bunch of evil angels:

At practically the same time we have Bayonetta, which is all about kicking feathery angel ass:

Plus last month we had that new YA series Fallen, which is about hot angels who go to high school, and in March there’s Angelology, which is about angels who interbreed with humans … it’s eerie. I’m just saying.

Probably it has something to do with our collective loss of faith in the institutions that used to provide a solid foundation for our collective universe — the church, the government, the economy. We’ve responded to the collapse of their credibility with a spontaneous public display that travesties their most cherished image — a kind of black mass, enacted on the stage of popular culture.

Or maybe dudes with wings just look badass.