Go Figure: Other Ways To Spend EA’s Super Bowl Ad Money

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Electronic Arts is spending big bucks on Super Bowl XLIV, reportedly to air a commercial for their new action game Dante’s Inferno. It’s a risky gamble for EA, one that’s probably not going to pay off considering CBS is charging $2.6 million for a 30-second spot. In gamer terms, here’s what else $2.6 million can buy:

– 200,000,000 Microsoft Points

– 600,120 months (50,010 years) of Xbox Live Gold Memberships

– 41,674 copies of Dante’s Inferno

– 8,334 120 GB PlayStation 3s

– 153,563 shares of ERTS

– 2,085 Alienware M15x Gaming Laptops

– 62,516 Wii Remotes

– 14,707 Nintendo DSis