Panel of the Week 3/17/10

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It’s giant, towering Egyptian gods. It’s long events that are nearly finished. It’s Girl-verines. It’s old timey vamps. It’s Panel of the Week!

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #6
My relationship with Moon Knight is dysfunctional. Whenever I buy a Moon Knight comic I feel guilty. Like my friends and family are looking at me with disdain and pity. Moony has cheated on me in the past with silly, meandering stories. I’ve cheated on Moony by skipping large chunks of issues and some volumes entirely. I can’t help but feel like a fraud when I say I’m a Moon Knight fan. And there are shades of the old crap that made me walk away from the series in Vengeance of the Moon Knight but the art of Jerome Opena has made it worth it. Specifically his rendition of the once tiny but now towering Konshu, a figment of Moony’s imagination. Very skecksie.

American Vampire #1
I think I could actually read an entire book of the adventures of Hattie and Pearl, a pair of aspiring Starlets during the 1920’s. Just their day to day lives. Vampires are cool and all but as long as Rafael Albuquerque is the artist I’ll buy it. It was difficult to pull one panel from this book because they were all so great. I don’t say that lightly. Go buy this book. Yes, I know it was recommended by Maxim magazine but just look past that. Be the bigger person.

Hulk #21
The train has come off the rails. I officially don’t know what’s happening in the Fall of the Hulks storyline. I should have known months ago to stop picking up all these books when Bruce Banner was depowered. There are something like eight (eight!) characters out there with the word Hulk in his or her name but we can’t have the original Hulk? Why not? As it stands now I’ll keep buying Hulk as long as Ed McGuiness is on the title. This is a picture of the Hulk cyborg that is somehow more powerful than the original Hulk. How is that possible? Please Marvel, wrap this up.

Seige #3
Despite my absolute best efforts to be aloof about Siege it just keeps delivering. I’ve made it no secret that the Sentry is a severely broken character that needs to be retired. Issue number three of Siege has setup exactly that scenario. I pray that Bendis has the chutzpa to finally eliminate the Sentry. I honestly didn’t think Siege would become about this character. So much so that when Norman Osborn finally comes unglued for all the world to see it’s immediately overshadowed by the Sentry. The punch that Spidey drops on Norman, a punch I’ve been waiting on for almost a year, was obligatory. For the fans, I suppose. Meh.

X-23 (one-shot)
For some reason I thought this was going to be an ongoing series. It is not. Just a one-shot. X-23, the Wolverine clone, battles her inner demons in abstract dream sequences that actually look pretty cool. Then she battles them in the real world by cutting herself and making half assed suicide attempts. Girls, got a great role model for you. Meet Laura.

Green Lantern Corps #46
This panel is underwhelming. It takes up about an eighth of a page. However, that is Xanshi. A planet that was destroyed on Green Lantern John Stewart’s watch. And now it’s back, as  a Black Lantern. This has to mean that the Green Lantern Planet known as Mogo is going to get some ring time right? Right?! DC is going to have two entire planets get in a fist fight next month. I can’t wait.