Panel of the Week 3/24/10

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Well, Blackest Siege continued the holding pattern while we wait for the last chapters of the main books to come out. Nemesis crashed a plane into Washington DC. I guess that’s cool now? Nightcrawler throws away a promising career in the circus. Just tosses it away. But, at least we got to see Taskmaster get double teamed. All that and more in this installment in Panel of the Week!

X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler (one-shot)
There’s not very much new ground covered in this one-shot. It’s all pretty standard issue young mutant oppression hoopla. Don’t treat them like people, sleep in a cage, yadda yadda yadda. As I predicted the saving grace of this book was the artwork of Cary Nord. And he didn’t even draw the whole thing! I didn’t even get into the wee lil’ baby Nightcrawler panels. Curly blue tails, he’s adorable!

Nemesis #1
Well, some of my fellow Techlanders have already weighed in on the first issue of this over the top cliche spewer. I don’t think I am as offended as they seem to be. I knew going into the comic store that I was going to be buying a comic where a real-life super criminal was going to planejack Air Force One with a rifle.

Mighty Avengers #35
No, no, no. If we bring back The Wasp I will have officially lost faith in every comic book death that ever was and ever will be. Bringing Janet back to life will officially be the final coffin nail in Secret Invasion. Who’s next? Bill Foster? In fact, I’m going to go re-read my X-Statix trades where Milligan had the marbles to murder every mutant in sight and keep them dead.

Avengers: The Initiative #34
How can Deadpool have three ongoings as well as Hulk version but Taskmaster can’t get a title to himself. Sure, he had that manga themed book a few years ago with the revamped costume and all but it was weak. We’re talking about a guy with a skull head mask that dresses like a damn pirate and he can take on Cap and Bucky at the same time. I think he’s the most interesting character running around on the entire Asgard battlefield.

Green Lantern #52
I’m willing to bet that this issue of GL will end up being more interesting than the final issue of Blackest Night. Unfortunately, my prediction from last week of a Planet (Mogo) vs Planet (Xanshi) slugfest didn’t happen. Instead a half dozen lanterns took out a planet with, what exactly? Ring lasers? This seemed rushed. On other hand the newly minted White Lantern, Sinestro, got totally served. I’m just going to spoil this; he lives through this wound. In fact, he bounces back like the T1000. No biggie.