Comics on Our Pull List 4/7/10

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I’m switching things up this week. Instead of my usual Issue Number One pick I’m going to go with five number one issues! (And one number five issue, oh the parity!) In this world of ‘written for trade’ comics here, certainly, are five more entries. As Señor Wolk has already pointed out we’ve got a kajillion too many tpb’s out there already.

Invincible Returns #1
Back when this jumping on point for new readers was announced I realized that, yes, this was a good time for a clip show. The Viltrumite War is ramping up and Kirkman likes to keep a lot of stories in the air. I don’t really need this but it’s a nice gesture for new readers. I just don’t understand why Kirkman is making a big deal about the return to Invincible’s original costume? Who is clamoring a get-up with exposed hair, fingerless gloves, kneepads, and all that yellow? I think it’s amazing that the character has done so well despite that costume.

New Avengers Luke Cage #1
Does anyone remember back when the New Avengers was a decent title? There was an issue where Luke Cage takes the whole Avengers team to the hood and just cleans up a city block. I thought that was great. How many Secret Civil Invasion Reigns can there be? I’m hoping that ‘Cage Goes to Philly’ will be along the same lines but really I’m just in it for the art of Eric Canete. He was the man responsible for the recent Spidey/Deadpool crossover issue as well ‘Cybernary 2.0’ and ‘Iron Man Enter the Mandarin’.

Avengers Origin #1
Maybe I’m a bit of a snob but I just don’t like an Avengers lineup that doesn’t have Captain America in it. Steve Rogers always has and always will make that team. However, I am an absolute Phil Noto groupie and I would follow his cross country penciling tour anywhere. If you haven’t read Noto’s ‘The New West’ go digging in your LCS.

Turf #1
Last month’s American Vampire was partially set in the 1920’s and I didn’t know it until then but it’s a great period visually for the right artist. Tommy Lee Edwards of ‘Marvel 1985’ fame is more than up to the task. The preview pages look fantastic, even when they are being covered up by huge chunks of word bubbles and captions. This book is on a ton of pull lists for a reason.

Shield #1
Having just finished Assassin’s Creed 2 you can imagine my surprise to find out that Leonardo DaVinci was an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Here I was thinking he was an Agent of The Assassins. Well, I guess I don’t see why he couldn’t be both. I’m interested to see how these other historical figures fit into the history of this international peace keeping task force. Especially since we’ve recently learned over in Secret Warriors that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been backed by HYDRA for years. Or do I smell a retcon cooking?

Superman Secret Origin #5
This book’s shipping schedule is nothing to brag about. The quality of the art and writing however, that is a different story. This retelling of the Superman origin has been terrific and the art of Gary Frank has been spot on. His depiction of Parasite is fresh and original and while I’ve never been a fan of the character Metallo he does look interesting here. I have faith in this creative team, it’s too bad this series is only six issues.