Comics on Our Pull List 4/28/10

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Here’s a few of the books that I’ll be picking up for sure this week. As I mentioned yesterday this is a great week for crime comics and Stumptown and Last Days are not to be missed. There’s some Asgardian on Robot action as well as some of the Ultimate in Avengers drama. Check back later in the week to see if any of this makes the cut for our Panel of the Week.

Thor #609
While I’m not thrilled to see Billy Tan still drawing this book I can’t help but be excited at the prospect of Thor vs Thor. Well Thor vs Ragnorak the cloned Thor-droid would be more accurate. This is the bucket of bolts that killed Bill Foster after all. He was defeated rather spectacularly by Hercules in Civil War but I guess Norman had the HAMMER lab coats slap him back together.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1
To be clear I’m picking up this book out of allegiance to the art of Leinil Yu. Not because I still believe in the Ultimate imprint and certainly not because I want my beloved Punisher to be written by Mark Millar. Frank Castle deserves a certain amount of respect (current FrankenCastle story line being a very rare exception). As much as I enjoyed Nemesis and its over the top shenanigans I do not want the Punisher to drive any large vehicles into gas tanks.

Stumptown #3
I should cut my losses and wait for the trade of Stumptown. How far off could that be? Six months? A year? I could wait that long. It sure beats the poor shipping schedule of the floppies. I won’t wait, though. I’m on board with the smart and well-paced P.I. story that Greg Rucka is spinning. To catch you up, an investigation took an unexpected turn in the closing pages of last issue. Is that broad enough?

Last Days of American Crime #2
Speaking of crappy shipping schedules here comes the second issue of Last Days. Issue one came out in December. That’s OK. The art of Greg Tocchini makes it all worth it. No amount of elapsed time will take away from the fact that the guy draws the best gasoline-soaked-bound-man-in-the-tub that I’ve seen in years.

Garrison #1
Who is Lester Garrison? What if the most dangerous man in the world was someone you’d meet at a tractor pull? These are the questions surrounding this new six issue mini series from WildStorm. It’s got shades of a main character that is half Bourne and half Logan and all formulaic but the premise is interesting enough to be this week’s Issue Number One.