Panel of the Week 5/26/10

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Welcome back to the Panel of the Week where we pluck out the funniest, most mind bending, best looking panels from every week’s comic haul. This week we visit the future and the past. We violate the geneva conventions with Hawkeye, we holler candy coated battle calls with Thor, and we render the cutest mutant armor you’ve ever seen. So join me and see what we all got for our $3.99.

Wolverine Weapon X #13
For some reason 22-years-in-the-future Spidey wears a black costume with pouches, shoots webs with a rifle, and when he gets stuck in a tight spot he throws batons like Daredevil. Could be worse I suppose. He could have slowly poisoned MJ after years of ‘exposure’ ala Reign. As it is now he’s just murdered by Roxxon android zombies. Practically an honor.

Thor #610
Well, I got my Thor on Thor action. I just didn’t get enough of it. Most of this issue was an extended bro-hug between Thor and Balder. And after the last “No, I love YOU man” was uttered exactly nothing changed. Except now Thor can chill in Rubblegard again. Congratulations?

Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2
We’re going to cover this issue in Comic Book Club this week so I’ll let the venerable Wolk handle the staggering amount of DC history and references. Fortunately for the rest of us Frazer Irving is here to draw some boss pages of Batman fighting giant sea monsters. And Morrison really puts him through his paces. Pages before this scene Bats was taking a domestic violence crime scene down a peg or two. A few pages before that some Leaguers were investigating temporal trails at the very sci-fi Vanishing Point. Simply a gorgeous comic.

Ultimate Enemy #4
When you’ve got an uncooperative Kilowog stunt double in custody who do you call? Well, you call Nick Fury. But right after that you call Ultimate Hawkeye. Don’t know if you heard but his whole family was murdered and he has no reason to live, blah, blah, blah. He’ll torture a prisoner. What does he care? I mean, look what he’s wearing. This guy is mailing it in.

X-Force #27
Armor is by far my favorite new mutant character of the past decade. I was introduced to her in the pages of Astonishing X-Men where she was drawn by the very talented John Cassaday. His vision of the telekinetic barrier she can manifest was larger and at times quite menacing. Mike Choi, who I praised in his last issue for his work on Warlock, went the other way with Armor. He chose to make her resemble some kind of translucent Hello Kitty amusement park costume. Very disappointing.

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