Comics on Our Pull List 6/9/10

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The normal comics shipping schedule has returned and with it eased anxieties. Here are a handful of comics that I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. Be sure to come back later this week to see if any of these books contain a Panel of the Week. Also we’ll be taking a closer look at Batman #700 and another mystery book in the Comic Book Club.

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #9
The idea of the moody and fractured Moon Knight teaming up with Spider-Man to take down a towering Sandman is pretty cool I guess. It’s a double sized issue and it’s under the Heroic Age banner so I’m assuming I’ll get some real popcorn action. The real bonus here is that the artist attached is Juan Jose Ryp, the man behind Black Summer and No Hero. His work is hyper detailed and very brutal. I can’t wait to see this book.

Batman #700
It’s a milestone issue, sure, but it’s also Morrison and this should tie in with his work on Return of Bruce Wayne. Return has been fantastic so far so there’s no reason to not get on board here as well. The solits mention that each man to wear the cape and cowl will be featured in the role: Bruce, Dick, and Damian. And if all this isn’t enough listen to the artists featured in this issue, Tony Daniel, Andy Kubert, and my main man Frank Quitely. It also looks like #700 here will be the focus of the Comic Book Club so don’t miss that later this week.

The Light #3
As this book enters its third issue the magnitude of the premise is really setting in. That premise is that looking into electric lights will cause a person to spontaneously combust. I can’t say that I’m really connecting with the characters very much but I simply must know the explanation for this plague and how this will all resolve.

Did anyone not love the first issue of this series? I mean seriously, we wouldn’t shut up about it. And neither would anyone else. And for good reason this book is gorgeous. So good in fact, that Marvel released a variant edition of number one that was just Dustin Weaver’s sweet, sweet pencils. Pick up this issue to see what the space and time travelling Leonardo Da Vinci is up to.

Avengers Academy #1
The last of the Avengers titles to be relaunched is Academy. The premise is very similar to Avengers: Initiative except this time around the instructors are anyone who has been on the Avengers in the past and it’s not government sponsored. Christos Gage, a writer for Initiative, is back this time around with new recruits. I really only liked this premise when it was being run by Osborn and his cronies but some of the new character designs look promising. It’s my pick for this week’s Issue Number One.