A Brief History of Jonah Hex

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August 1993: Horror writer Joe R. Lansdale and artist Timothy Truman revive Jonah Hex for a five-issue Vertigo miniseries, Two-Gun Mojo–set once again in the Old West, but with supernatural overtones that had never really been a part of Fleisher’s series. The same team follows it with 1995’s five-issue Riders of the Worm and Such and 1999’s three-issue Shadows West. In 1996, musicians Johnny and Edgar Winter sue DC over the appearance of the parodic “Autumn Brothers” in Riders of the Worm and Such; the case is eventually decided in DC’s favor.

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January 2006: The current Jonah Hex series begins, written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, and drawn by a Murderers’ Row of cartoonists. Artistic highlights include the return of Tony DeZuniga, for #5 and #9; Torpedo artist Jordi Bernet’s sequences (including #13-15, a different “origin” for Jonah than had been seen before); Darwyn Cooke’s stylistic experiments in #33 and #50; and J.H. Williams III’s gorgeous #35. Pretty much the entire series is available as a series of trade paperbacks.

June 2010: To commemorate the opening of the Jonah Hex movie, Hex gets his first-ever original graphic novel, No Way Back, written by Gray and Palmiotti and drawn by none other than his co-creator Tony DeZuniga.

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