Panel of the Week 8/4/10

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Welcome back to Panel of the Week where we choose some of the best scenes from this week’s comic books. This week we have monotone vigilantes, an angry Thing, a helicarrier precursor, big pun, and a new twist on ninja demon summoning. Let’s blow your hair back.

Daredevil Black and White
There are two flavors of Daredevil the fighter. One is the ninja that strikes nerves with his fingertips and leaps off buildings. The other is the son of Battling Jack Murdock. A brawler. I prefer Daredevil the brawler. Here artist Jason Latour does a great job portraying a slugfest between Matt and Bullseye. When Matt finally connects with a wild swing I felt like I could breathe again.

Marvel Universe vs the Punisher #1
I tuned out of the Marvel Zombie universe after the first volume. It all seemed a bit gimmicky. But I am ready for the ever loving blue eyed Thing to turn into a cannibal warlord running shop out of the smoking husk of the Baxter Building. I’ve always found Ben to be the most relatable of the four and I would absolutely read a one shot or miniseries of the righteous self pitying rock going to the dark side. (Also what the heck is going on with Miss Marvel’s head here? Is her neck broken?)

Where have you been hiding Dustin Weaver, Marvel? With the exception of some dubious costume design (I’m looking at you Alien helmet.) this book is incredibly gorgeous. Take this sailing ship for instance. I stared at this page for five minutes. Look at that ship. Unreal.

Ultimate Avengers 2 #6
What do I have to do to get a good Ultimates story? Was this six issue arc about the creation of the Ultimate Ghost rider? Was it some kind of second stage origin story for the Ultimate Punisher? I don’t know how it’s possible that we got six issues of a team book with no character insights or growth at all. Leinil Yu draws one hell of a Punisher when he doesn’t have to wear the star spangled tights of the Ultimates, though.

Shadowland #2
Speaking of the Ghost Rider what in the hell is he doing on the pages of Shadowland? Over the course of Daredevil’s main book we have learned that the Hand practice a religion that is nearly as old as mankind itself. The Hand apparently has a rite that will summon the Ghost Rider as part of this ancient religion. I do like Johnny but I was really kind of hoping that Shadowland was going to stay very ‘street’. This kind of magic makes me nervous, especially since this is a Marvel title where magic is synonymous with retcon.

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