Google Instant Search Doesn’t Like Paris Hilton and Philip Kindred Dick

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Besides not liking Paris H(ilton) and Philip Kindr(ed Dick), here’s some other words Google has blacklisted on instant search. We stopped where Google Instant Search stopped searching but you can fill in the blanks. (More on Techland: Google Announces Instant Search Results Feature)

– one cup two girls (but it will find one cup two ladies)
– two gir (hey what if I wanted to find two of that adorable robot from Invader Zim?)
– swinge (Aw, blacklisting one of Vince Vaghn’s best movies?)
– black coc (but it will find white coc)
– smells like tee (great, now it will take me more seconds to find the lyrics to that song!)
– i’m here for the g (in case you were wondering, the quote is from Old School)
– jack off (I happen to like the band Jack Off Jill, I’ll have you know!)

There’s a better list at, but if you find some that aren’t on there, put it in the comments.

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