Michelle Castillo

Michelle likes zombies, viral videos and cheesy science fiction television and movies - but not in that order. She's an overall pop culture junkie and happiest when overanalyzing minute details of things that don't really matter. She's previously covered arts and entertainment for MSNBC.com, EW.com, the Los Angeles Times and the Hollywood Reporter.

Articles from Contributor

What’s Zynga Planning Next?

Zynga has managed to capture the attention of 72 million active users, who obsessively play their simple, mindless games every day. Whether you want to be a farmer, mafia don or city planner, these games tap into a fantasy life that most users could never dream of leading. For five minutes a day, Zynga users sneak time from their home …

11 Google Pranks to Help Celebrate April Fools’ Day

If there’s anyone who loves April Fools’ Day, it’s Google. The company has had a tradition of pulling pranks on their users whether it’s the first of April or not. From changing their name to honor a city in Kansas to playing with the font on our search results to introducing a free email account with a storage capacity of 1GB per user …

Video Game Tip Sheet: Top Spin 4

Tennis fan? Video gamer? Home-exercise buff? You want 2K Games’ Top Spin 4. Whether you’re squaring off against the computer or reaching for shots from a virtual pitcher, 2K’s pro-simulation gives you the most realistic tennis experience you’ll find off the clay, grass, or concrete.

Check out Top Spin 4 associate producer Michael …

Is This the Beginning of the End for QR?

QR, is already time to say goodbye? We hardly knew you!

If Google’s recent actions are any indicator, then QR codes — those “Quick Read” matrix barcodes you see on websites, products, and posters — might be going the way of the dinosaur. Last week, all QR codes mysteriously vanished from the Google Places Dashboard. Must be a …

Beware: Virus-Eating Virus Discovered in Antarctica

While scientists labor to find a cure for AIDS, the common cold, and other viruses, researchers in Antarctica have unearthed a life form capable of defeating our most infectious foes. And–surprise!–it’s another virus.

No really–it’s not the pitch for some direct-to-video cheesy sci-fi movie.

The virus, dubbed “Organic Lake …

Artist Transforms Video Game Stills Into Photographic Art

We at Techland hold firmly that video game designers are some of today’s best artists. But we also realize that mainstream art snobs sometimes dismiss the genre as not real art.

That’s why we love the work of Thibault Brunet, a photographer who’s capturing and retouching screenshots to capture the landscapes and portraits found in

Location Based Music is Finally Here

Get ready to experience the National Mall like you’ve never heard it before. Bluebrain, two experimental musicians based out of D.C., have created a location based album that actually syncs with the sights at the famous D.C. landmark.

How does “The National Mall” album work? The two brothers behind Bluebrain created an app that uses …

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