Michelle Castillo

Michelle likes zombies, viral videos and cheesy science fiction television and movies - but not in that order. She's an overall pop culture junkie and happiest when overanalyzing minute details of things that don't really matter. She's previously covered arts and entertainment for MSNBC.com, EW.com, the Los Angeles Times and the Hollywood Reporter.

Articles from Contributor

Are You Ready for .XXX Action?

Well, it seems that the moment is upon us. That much dreaded or dreamed of day — you choose which, we won’t judge — when the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approves the use of dot.XXX as a top-level domain.

ICANN junkies and readers of Techland know that ICANN is a non-profit California corporation that …

Facebook Deals: Forever Alone No More

No one likes to be alone.

The powers behind Facebook have been monitoring our constant stream of nonsensical status updates, and they see that we hate to do things by ourselves. Does anyone care about what salad we ate for lunch? No. So why do we write about it? We’re hoping that someone is sharing the minutia of our day, even if it …

Are Video Game Addictions Becoming a Bigger Problem?

At the peak of his addiction, Daniel was playing EverQuest 15 hours a day. He would sneak out of bed at 2 AM to game and sneak back in before his mother woke him up so he could tell her he was sick. He would then stay home and play some more. His perfect attendance record dropped to 45% by the end of what would be equivalent to his …

CEA Pushes To Standardize 3D Glasses

Good news everyone: For those of you that hate the fact that each brand of 3D TV comes with its own set of glasses, the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) is trying to standardize frames among all brands.

According to TG Daily, the U.S. trade organization that oversees the electronic industry is trying to get companies to allow …

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