UN01 Lets You Hang iPhone Around Neck Like A Real Tourist

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Gah! It’s so annoying taking out your cell phone and snapping a picture. It makes you stand out and look like someone who just happened upon a perfect scene to photograph instead of someone who was looking for the perfect cheesy photo to shoot.

Fear not, there may be a solution to your conundrum in the near future! The UN01 is a plastic case that allows you to hang your iPhone horizontally around your neck via that patented black strap. You won’t look like a professional photographer, but at least you can pretend you’re shooting with a camera.

It’s so hipster it’s not even for sale yet so if you’re interested in one of them you can donate $30 or more to the Kickstarter page. That way you can get one first and say you had an iPhone case that transformed your phone into an old school camera before it even existed.

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