Drumroll Please: Internet Explorer 9 to Make Its Debut

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Not to be left out of the browser wars, Internet Explorer is launching their latest version of their web browser today at 2 pm ET. The release candidate can be found here – or you could just wait a few hours.

PC World got a sneak peek at SXSW: It seems that the focus of IE9 is to make sure the browser takes a back seat to the content, so that bar of icons and tools on top have shrunk down to a small strip with just the address bar which doubles as a Bing search bar. Reducing the browser is a move that both Firefox and Chrome have followed Safari in doing, so it’s about time for Internet Explorer to follow suit.

The bottom of the screen is an electronic pin board of sorts. If you like a web page, you can drag the content to the bottom and “pin” it there for easier access. The pinned pages also update with new content. They’ll blink if a download is completed, and a number will appear over the icon to tell you how many new emails or tweet you have. When you scroll over the pins it will show you a list of different parts within the website so you can navigate it faster.

Another new feature includes accelerated graphics rendering. The site supposedly works in HTML 5 – which makes it easier for developers since they only have to design one site for mobile, Mac and PC browsers with this language – but Niels Leenheer’s HTML 5 test, which Mozilla Firefox uses, says otherwise. It gives IE 9 a 130 out of a possible 400. Microsoft claims that the site works best with the HTML 5 that is almost fully developed since the full version (which Leenheer supposedly tests) will only be finalized in 2014.

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