CEA Pushes To Standardize 3D Glasses

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Good news everyone: For those of you that hate the fact that each brand of 3D TV comes with its own set of glasses, the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) is trying to standardize frames among all brands.

According to TG Daily, the U.S. trade organization that oversees the electronic industry is trying to get companies to allow users to buy one set of glasses for all 3D TVs. Right now, 3D TVs are split between majority stereoscopic 3D TVs that use active shutter technology and newer TVs that are taking advantage of the passive 3D technology (the kind you see at movie theaters). The later is cheaper to make, but doesn’t provide as clear of an image.

There’s also a third kind in the mix: autostereoscopic TVs that won’t require glasses at all. (I’ll pause here to let your mind be blown.) Toshiba is leading to front to get rid of your glasses, but there is no TV product for the public that has been announced that will let you watch sans frames.The CEA is focusing on making universal 3D spectacles for the stereoscopic 3D TVs, which makes up most of the TVs today.

It’s a good idea and would save us money if we decided to switch one stereoscopic 3D TV for another, but I believe the CEA should get behind glassesless 3D TV. Think about it: Now all your friends can enjoy the 3D experience, instead of your favorite four people since you only have enough glasses for them.

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