Google Street View Bike Does Denmark

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The fine people of Denmark are getting a closer look at their cobblestone-paved streets. Google Street View Bike (well, technically tricycle) has come to the country to track bike paths and small spaces that a car can’t get to.

So far the tricycle has logged 300 kilometers in the Danish countryside including a trip to the Round Tower, according to Denmark’s Version 2. The famous staircase was traversed in less than two minutes. Coming equipped with a 360 degree camera, it’s a bit cumbersome to navigate the contraption, but rider Franz Hansen hopes to get to 3,000 kilometers before his leg of the project is done.

Some other places the Google Bike has been spotted include Santa Monica, where it tracked bike paths at local universities and the beach, and Genoa, Italy. No word when it’s going to reach your local hipster town – not that those hooligans on fixie bikes pay attention to road rules anyway.