And The Winner of WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 Is…

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Katherine “Mystik” Gunn

Although she blew away Yaz Ammari at the WCG Grand Finals, it wasn’t an easy path for the female gamer to get there. At the conclusion of last weeks episode, Gunn, Cesar Noriega and Jake Pfister faced off in a round of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell for a spot in the last three. The twist was that they could only see the screen from mirrors that were constantly spinning at different intervals.

“Its definitely a lot better to be sitting with Hannah and Joel,” said Yaz, who was the first to ten kills which guaranteed him a spot in the final three. He got to sit in a chair with the hosts and wait for the other two to qualify. “I wish I had done that for every challenge.”

Gunn came back with two rapid kills to edge out Noriega and Pfster, who were both one shot away from victory. “I actually wasn’t aware that we were done,” she said. “I thought there was going to be another round of Splinter Cell.”

Noriega quickly edged out Pfster to take the final spot. Then they were sent home with the warning that there would be one more test before the last two could advance to the final showdown. About a month later, host Joel Gourdin showed up at each gamers house to reveal the titles for the final competition. They were:

Green Day: Rock Band, where they had to play drums on the song “American Idiot” on expert mode. They were also given an Ion drum kit to help them with their task. (Gunn mentioned she had just bought the $300 drum set for her brother for his birthday. “It’s for the extreme drum person, a lot of people tend to break the regular one,” she said.)

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger with the Continuum Fightstick. First to win five rounds won the challenge. (This had Yaz the most worried. “BlazBlu: I didn’t know what the game was,” said the PC gamer. “I had never heard of that.”

Halo: Reach (which was given to them months before the game came out so they could practice). First to 15 kills won the game.

The three went to LA for the WCG Grand Finals to compete. But, before they were allowed to take the stage, host Hannah Simone surprised the three by telling them they had to compete in a ten minute round of Tron: Evolution. No one had ever played the game; it won’t be out until December 7, 2010.

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