Top 10 Nerdy Costumes That Are Just A Bad Idea

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In your quest to find the perfect outfit for this October 31st have you come across a couple costumes that have made you scratch your head? That made you wonder who came up with this? That made you think Halloween is really the scariest time of the year?

Looking far and wide, we found the best Halloween costumes that never made sense to us – and shouldn’t be worn by anyone period. Some of them made us lose our lunch, others made us shudder in fear. We’re still wondering why anyone would want to dress up in these getups.

P.S. We are in no way saying that the Yoda dog costume is a horrible costume. The dog in that picture just simply looks too depressed and ashamed to be enjoying his cosplay – as some of the people in the following pictures should be.

P.P.S. And if you’re stuck in a rut, check out our ideas for the best nerdy Halloween costumes ever.