Top 10 Failed Gaming Consoles

A selection of game machines which fell so hard that they've become cautionary tales for the entire video game business.

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Who wrote this? A system was was being produced and sold for 7 years is considered a failure. How about support for that system going 14 years, is that considered a failure? The last game to be officially released on this console was in October of 2004 (Samurai Shodown 5). You would think TIME would have a good handle on research considering how long they have been around. Yes, the company that made the Neo-Geo did go bankrupt but another company "Playmore" bought them out because they knew that the SNK intellectual properties were still worth a lot of money. They revitalized a dying console and are still making bank on the games from back in 1990. It's funny how the information you have is all about the console and the company, but no information as to why you consider this a failed console.