Harry Potter Fans Being Hacked?

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If you’re looking for the 36-minute clip of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One which was leaked Tuesday, you might be better off forking over the cash to watch the actual movie. PC Tools, an antivirus software company, found out that at least one of the sites where you can download the movie is actually a scam.

While the site looks convincing, and even has some fake comments from “viewers” who watched the film, what actually happens is the searcher will be asked to complete offers where you must give personal information or download the midica toolbar, which can collect such information without your knowledge. There is also an offer to get a free iPad, which asks for even more personal information. After you enter your details, the download page stays stuck on a “checking for completion” page. (More on Techland: Photos: Quidditch World Cup in NYC)

There are still other ways to find the clip, and we’re sure you’ll figure it out if you really wanted to. But, why would you spend all that time and effort watching the first 36 minutes of the movie? You might as well go to the movie theater and watch the whole thing.

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