Does Google Me Exist?

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Google Me is back in the news yet again. Mashable says that sources tell them that the purported social media site or functionality that is rumored to take on Facebook tell them the product will be pushed back to spring 2011 because of design delays, execution and, most importantly, the point of the whole function.

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Whether it’s going to be the next big Google launch, a complete social media website to rival Facebook or a bunch of added social components that will make the Google experience more personal isn’t the big question. The more pressing issue is whether or not Google Me is even real. The rumor was started by Digg founder Kevin Rose, with Google denying the claims.  Google’s Director of mobile product management Hugo Barra denied Google Me’s existence to The Telegraph, saying that they were not going to develop a new vertical, but they were considering adding new social aspects to their current products to help make Google more relevant in new technologies like smartphones. He even went to far to call the name Google Me “awful.”

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Is Google hiding something? Even if they do create the answer to Facebook, would you switch over to the new system or are you happy where you are?

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